About the Pastor:


Roger Daley is a California native who grew up in Oroville, CA.  He can never remember a time when he did not know that Jesus loved him and died for him and that he was a lost sinner.  By the time he was twelve he had a saving relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ.  During his high school years and into the Coast Guard he wandered from an obedient life.  God grabbed Roger’s attention with a near fatal car accident in 1988.  He realized his life was not his own.  With a renewed focus and hunger, he desired to know more about God’s word and went to Faith Baptist Bible College where he realized his call into full time ministry.  He graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, IA with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies ('94). With his wife, whom he met and married in Ankeny, and their newborn son Joshua they moved to LA to attend The Masters Seminary.  Roger graduated with a Masters of Divinity from TMS in '99.  They moved to Montana to pastor there.  He pastored 2 churches and stayed in Montana for 10 years.  During their time in Montana, they also had 2 more children.  Roger and his family returned to California in May of 09.  Simply wanting to look for an opportunity that God was directing them to.  They were looking for a situation where the body desired to grow in the knowledge of Jesus.  Not just continue the status quo.  Fort Dick was that place.  Fort Dick Bible Church called Roger in July 2010 as their pastor and he began ministering the first of September 2010.  Roger and his wife (Kathleen) have been married since 1992 and have 3 children, Joshua, Jaclyn, John. 

























We are incredibly blessed here in this church family and look forward to many years of service to the Lord and His people.