About our church.


The Focus of the Ministry: The early church continually devoted themselves to six essentials which are the heart of the ministry at Fort Dick Bible Church: teaching/preaching, fellowship, worship, prayer, ministry and evangelism (Acts 2:42-47).


WORSHIP is reflecting back to God our delight in His supremacy. Worship occurs through our obedience, praise of God, prayer, sharing, singing, and all the different ways, public and private, that we express to God how great we think He is.


PREACHING/TEACHING is the proclamation of God’s Word. We believe preaching/teaching is of prime importance in equipping believers for all areas of life. All saving knowledge and living for God’s glory grow out of the wisdom God has revealed in the Scriptures.


FELLOWSHIP is sharing life together in Christ. Through Him we have new spiritual birth and are made part of a new community — the Family of God. At Fort Dick, we place a premium upon deepening those relationships.  As we gather together to share life in Jesus, we are built up in love and are transformed into His likeness.


MINISTRY meeting one another’s and the world’s needs, is the calling and responsibility of every member of the church. “The minister” at Fort Dick Bible is you and me.


Ephesians 4:12 for the equipping of the saints, for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ,


Having each been given at least one spiritual gift, we are to use that gift for the good of others. Our elders are here to assist us, not take our place.


EVANGELISM is telling others the good news of God’s salvation in Christ. Evangelism is primarily the responsibility of every individual in the church, rather than a program of the church, although specific programs are encouraged. Home and foreign missions are a vital part of our ministry. It is the desire of FDBC to not only support existing missions, but to also equip, send, and support individuals and families from our own midst to be “workers in the field.”


As The heartbeat of Fort Dick Bible is to delight in the supremacy of God through Jesus Christ. We want to magnify God by helping you to see Him as bigger than He was to you previously.  As your understanding of God grows, you will trust Him more fully and obey Him more readily. We strive to magnify God through all of our ministries and to every person in each stage of life in which you find yourself.


OUR VISION FOR THE CHURCH: The church is both universal and local. Fort Dick Bible recognizes that any person who has experienced new life in Christ is a member of God’s family, the church, that exists around the world and throughout time. At the same time, God’s will is for those members to gather together in “local expressions” of His church. Any person who has been born again and is a faithful participant of Fort Dick Bible  is encouraged to become an official member of Fort Dick Bible Church, thus identifying with this local church.